ThinkPad T430s WQHD Upgrade – Part 3

Hello and welcome back! As you may have followed my posts for the past few months, I apologize for not being too active in my posts.  Life had it’s downs and I’ve been playing catch-up with everything for a little bit now.   A few weeks ago, I decided to re-order a new WQHD screen for my ThinkPad T430s project.

I placed a new order with a seller I have not previously dealt with by the name of 9.hk443 off of eBay.  Based on my previous experiment and feedback, I decided that I liked the fitment of the AUO B140QAN01.5 display so I purchased it once more.

After a few patient weeks, the LCD panel arrived today at work.  I was pretty excited and had my T430s already with me in the office.

There is not much to show in terms of installation that can’t be referenced from the past posts.  The screen installed fine on the top two mount points. I will enlarge the bottom two screen points on the screen to fasten the panel to the display housing.  Two sided tape is not my kind of solution, unless it’s the only solution.



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