About Me


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been tinkering with computers and electronics. My family came to Canada in 1989 from Poland in hopes of a better life here.  Shortly after moving here and restarting our lives with school and work, my dad decided to make an expensive purchase in the early 90’s.  The purchase was a new 386 computer, loaded with MS-DOS Shell and eventually Microsoft Windows 3.1.

My life if not in pre-school was all about having fun with this computer, when it was working.  These systems were built solid. Most of the components were not produced as computers are these days.

I often broke my computer by messing with the files, trying to execute programs and being a curious kid.  This sparked my interest in computers that has never left my side.

Over the years, I’ve had periods where I focused less and more on the computer industry and what was occurring.

In the early 2000’s, I worked for Compaq printer support and transitioned to HP desktop support. From there, I eventually moved to HP’s premium line of deskop, laptops and gaming hardware, providing phone support to end user’s.

After spending enough time in a call center doing support, I decided it was time to go to college. In 2009, I applied for a 3-year Computer Systems Technology program and after many countless nights and hard work, I graduated with an advanced diploma with my focus in network engineering. I’ve studied the regular Active Directory infrastructure in school but my course focused on CCNA, CCNP and CCVP at the time.

During my time in college, I worked for a few companies in Ontario doing IT support.  PCL Construction in Nepean Ottawa and GoodLife Fitness.  Both jobs were co-op/internships and they gave me a good insight how computer life is inside a corporate environment.

Now I am here. I’ve worked for a Linux based Digital Signage company for a few years and 1.5 years ago I joined my new company.  Recently I took on the role of IT Administrator and moved away from only Help Desk related tasks.

So that’s a brief rant about me.

I’ll be using this blog to keep track of things I learn, figure out and discover within the realm of Information Technology.

Think of it as my diary, if you will.