QNAP Release Notes


I ran into this while logging into my QNAP. The GUI notified me of a new available firmware update.

Often, it’s just a firmware update and there are no selections. This is what I have available.

Right, this is new to me. This is my first time seeing an option for Security Update or Feature Update. Both seem to show the same version and build ID.

Lets see what the security update contains so that I can understand what changes it will perform.

The Realease Notes link points to the following URL:


This is what we have under security updates:

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Is that not just too vague? I found it strange and odd. Why even add anything in there if you aren’t going to shed light on what is being changed.

For anybody wondering about the Feature Update, it is listed as:

Not terrible, at least some details.

Anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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