HP Ml150 G6 – Redundant Fan Sourced!

As you may recall from my last post here, I am trying to run two Xeon CPUs and a lot of memory, thus I need the HP Redundant fan configuration. I purchased the wrong fan (Part Number: 519740-001), thinking I can use it in the redundant fan slots. As you found out, I discovered HP Part number 513927-B21 / now revised as 519737-001, to be the correct option.

I jumped on ebay and ordered 519737-001 and had it delivered a few days ago. Once I got home from work, I opened up the server and I hoped that the server starrs would all align and my concerns would be nulled.


The fan/server work fine and this should be all I need.  Of course I could add the 4th fan for further redundancy, but until these fans get a bit cheaper I’ll hold off.

Below I’ll show you the difference between the 519740-001 ‘System Fan’ and the 519737-001 ‘Redundant Fan’.

As you can see, the difference is quite large between the two.  I’m glad I decided to spend a bit more and order the correct fan than to hack up the case and make the other system fan work.  The air direction baffle sits properly over the fan/heatsinks so I’m a happy camper.

Last but not least, I fired up the server and was able to get 98,304MB of memory recognized.

The next step for the server is apply the most recent bios firmware to bring the server up to date.  I was able to source the HP SPP (2017.04), which was the last SPP with G6 Support.

Now I am still unsure what to do with hard drive and storage. I have a few 2.5″ SAS drives that I could run in there but I’m uncertain what raid controller I should look for. I’ll have to do some more digging into that.


5 thoughts on “HP Ml150 G6 – Redundant Fan Sourced!

  1. hey there ml150g6-owner! i am from (east)germany and my hp has two E5520 with 32GB of RAM so far… i was hoping we could help each other out with our labs. do you need more fans? is the 10gb nic working? i really enjoyed reading your blog – thank you!


    1. Hello Scruto! I am willing to help anyway I can with! Thank you but I don’t need any more fans. I have one spare that I did purchase from aliexpress. I want to run the bare minimum if possible to avoid the excessive power consumption.

      I haven’t tried the 10Gbe NIC yet. I’ve been really busy with work and sometimes I don’t have too much spare time in the evening to mess with the server. I know I said I was going to install it a few weeks back, I’ll do it 100% in the next few days. I don’t have anything to test the NIC with yet anyways. I have a HPE 2920 switch but I don’t believe it is 10Gbe capable.

      What do you use your HP ML150 for?


    2. Hello Scruto,

      Sorry for the really late reply. Life has been super busy and I haven’t done a whole lot with the server.

      In short, no, I couldn’t get the 10gb NIC working on the HP ML150 G6. I will follow this up with a post today or tomorrow.


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