HP ProLiant LO100 Advanced License

For those of you that have an older HP ProLiant server that has the HP Onboard Administrator powered by Lights-Out 100 (LO100) and want to gain two additional features, I will provide the key at the bottom.

The two features are:
*Virtual Media Access
*Virtual KVM

I haven’t used either of the features and the Virtual KVM requires JavaScript to be enabled but it seems very outdated that most current browsers with JS enabled, will not load the Virtual KVM page.

Anyways, incase anybody wants to mess with both features, here is the key:

Application License Key
Current License Key:35DRP-7B3TX-78VVM-7KX4Y-XS74X
Current License Key Type:LO100 Advanced INDIVIDUAL

For a full list of specifications, features and configurations, please see the following HP Support article here.